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How does CBAC Funding work?

Step 1 Sync Accounting Software

Sync Company Data

Connecting to your accounting software is simple with our platform. After creating a free account, simply connect our platform with your accounting software to upload all your financial data.

Step 2 Factors Place Bids

Up to 30 Instant Quotes

You will receive up to 30 immediate quotes from invoice factoring companies on your open accounts receivable. Each quote will show the exact amount of upfront cash you'll receive and the total overall cost.

Step 3 Get your Funds

Get your funds

Once you're satisfied with a quote, simply click "submit application", enter some final details about your company, upload financial documents, and you'll have your money within a few business days.

Accounts Receivable Financing Companies Compete all in One Place

No more shopping around. After signing up for a free account, you will receive up to 30 instant quotes from invoice factoring companies. Our goal is to get your business the best price for your accounts receivable financing needs. When our banks and factoring companies compete, you win. Competition between financing institutions is what drives our marketplace and gets you the best price.

Members Main Invoice Factoring Portal
Accounts Receivable Factoring Auction Page

Compare Bids for Immediate Capital

Compare, analyze, and accept quotes on the spot. No need to go company to company comparing invoice factoring quotes. Banks and finance companies come to you on a single platform to provide instant quotes on your accounts receivable. You will receive unparalleled quotes from top receivables factoring companies.

Integrates Seamlessly with most Accounting Software

With a simple click, all of your business's accounting data can be imported directly to the platform. Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, Harvest, and many others are included for integration on the CBAC Funding marketplace.


Signing up takes just a few short minutes.

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