Helping businesses find the capital it takes to grow through invoice financing solutions.

was created to help companies raise immediate capital to expand, pay off debt, hire new employees and many other needs. Many companies in need of immediate cash have to wait month after month to raise enough capital to accomplish their goals. Why not cash in on the cheap cost of money in today's market? We can take your invoices and provide the up-front cash you need to further your business. There are many companies that offer these types of services but at CBAC Funding we have the edge because of our vast reach of private investors and institutional funds.

If we aren't able to provide the cash you need at the rate you want, we'll find a company that can. We take your business needs to heart as if they were our own. This is the motto we stand by. If you succeed in business, then we succeed in business. Our job is to make your job easier. Complete our free quote form and let us help you get the immediate cash you need.

Our team of factoring professionals have helped many businesses create the liquidity they need to survive and expand.